Will Wang

PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

My research attempts to address the issue of inaccessible healthcare technology through building and verifying the usefulness of wearable electronics/devices. I have experience in building and evaluating wearable technology devices for healthcare and aim to further explore this field. My current research focus is to discover methods of retrieving valuable information and knowledge from wearable data.

I love working out and swimming, especially in natural environment. I love singing and am a counter-tenor.

Contact Information

  • Email Address: ke.wang064@duke.edu


  • BA in Computer Science and BS in Engineering from Swarthmore College

Research Interests

Current Projects:
  • Digital Biomarkers of Circadian Disruption and their Utility in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Past Projects:
  • Wearable Bio-impedance Spectroscopy Device: building and verifying a wearable device to help patients with congestive heart failure by constantly monitoring their body composition using bioimpedance spectroscopy (Swarthmore College)
  •   Used Conditional Random Fields to automatically recognize relevant named entities on brain activation areas in functional neural image literature (Research Assistant at NIH)