Geetika Singh


MS Student, Biomedical Engineering

Being a biomedical engineer, my motive is to deepen the bond between engineering and medical professionals, deliver human – centric designs and work towards enhancement of population experience in general.

Contact Information


Undergraduate Education: Bachelors of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, University of Mumbai, India
Graduate Education: Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University (Fall 2019 – Spring 2021)  

Research Interests

Research Interest : My research interest lies in finding parameters that can be used to predict illnesses which are currently diagnosed using invasive tests or complicated set of tests. In addition to this, I want to explore the possibility of delivering excellent visuals / insights from data to enable people to understand recorded values and enable them to use a directive approach for preventive measures, for illness monitoring or both.
Current Projects: Assess acceptability of wearables and mobile device data sharing through surveys of Duke patients, Predicting blindness in glaucoma patients (Data+)
Past Projects: Fetal Head Circumference Measurement using Ultrasound images, MIMIC dataset : 30-days Mortality Prediction, Predicting patient survival using data from first 24 hours of intensive care, Prediction of activity of an individual & calories burnt using Apple Watch Dataset, Indian Patient Dataset Analysis, Portable Musculoskeletal Support and Stimulation Device