BIG IDEAs Lab publication makes a list of Top 10 Downloads for The Lancet Preprints & Digital Health eJournal

February 7, 2024

It is great to see our paper on the “Assessment of Ownership of Smart Devices and the Acceptability of Digital Health Data Sharing” accepted in #npjDigitalMedicine.

As well as to find the paper in SSRN's Top Ten download list for: Digital Health eJournal (3rd) and Preprints with The Lancet (6th) categories, on the same day.

Smart devices- smartphones and smartwatches- are rapidly being adopted by the general population, which has brought forward an opportunity to use the large volumes of physiological, behavioral, and activity data continuously being collected by these devices in naturalistic settings to perform research, monitor health, and track disease. While these data can serve to revolutionize health monitoring in research and clinical care, minimal research has been conducted to understand what motivates people to use these devices and their interest and comfort in sharing the data.

In this study, we aimed to characterize the ownership and usage of smart devices among patients from an expansive academic health system in the southeastern US (Duke University Health Systems) and understand their willingness to share data collected by the smart devices.