#BHI2023, we hosted a special session "Open Source Initiatives in #DigitalHealth" and a workshop "Unraveling Challenges in Time Series Analysis". The insights and collaboration were phenomenal

November 10, 2023


Huge shoutout to @MobashirShandhi (@TheDBDP), Dr. Carmichael Ong (@OpenSimSU), Dr. Nan Liu (@Duke-NUS), and @vishnuravi & @PSchmiedmayer (@ck_framework) for sharing their work at the special session!We also want to thank @drjessilyn, @jbmortazavi, @MobashirShandhi, Will Wang, Sicong Huang, @BillChe13472842, and @hayoungresearch for presenting at the workshop! Check out the details at bit.ly/dbdp-bhi2023