Emilia Grzesiak


Biomedical Engineering, NAE Undergraduate Research Fellow

I am interested in building technology that can be used to prevent diseases/injuries before they are too severe to treat effectively. Much of our healthcare is reactive rather than proactive and generalized rather than personalized. What excites me about working in the BIG IDEAS lab is its potential to help shift this healthcare paradigm.

On campus, I help run Duke’s chapter of Society of Women Engineers and contribute to the DukEngineering Magazine. In my free time, I enjoy tenting for the Duke vs UNC game, running, and Skyping my Polish relatives. My favorite thing to do in Durham is explore the restaurant scene with my friends.

Contact Information


(2020) BS Biomedical Engineering (Chemistry Minor), Duke University

Research Interests

Current Projects:
* Predicting the Flu, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Prometheus Program
* Wearables with Mobile Diabetes Prevention Program

Past Projects:
* Bass Connections: Exercise as a Therapy for Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease