Lucy Chikwetu


PhD Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

My path mirrors no one else’s. It is my own, and I embrace it with passion. My name is
Lucy Chikwetu. I hail from the dusty streets of Mucheke, Masvingo, Zimbabwe. I started
coding in college, and I have never stopped. I am a Ph.D. student in the electrical and
computer engineering department. My unique combination of skills, including software
and mobile application development, server architecture, and fit-for-purpose machine
learning algorithms development, give me an edge in technological innovation, and they
have allowed me to work on multidisciplinary teams.
My research lives at the intersection of mobile computing, wearable technologies,
machine learning, and health. I am an electrical and computer engineer who designs just-
in-time adaptive interventions for health. I am currently working on projects that seek to
automate diet monitoring and promote easier diet-related disease management. As part
of my dissertation, I am building the base2Diet system that leverages wearables and
machine learning to detect eating events. Detection of an eating event triggers a server
to send a voice alert on a user’s phone. The user can then speak into their phone. The
bas2Diet application on their phone converts the user’s speech to text, pulls out nutrition
information from a natural language processing nutrition database, and automatically
logs curated information about the meal/snack into a cloud-based food diary. I am also
using wearables to classify the carbohydrate content in the food one has just eaten.
Outside the lab, I love making brunches. I also write for fun, and I enjoy singing—
especially in the shower.

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B.A. Computer Science (Smith College)
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis)
M.S. Computer Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis)

Research Interests

Current Projects:

  • MoveIt
  • WhatU8
  • base2Diet