Lucy Chikwetu


PhD Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Disease management systems can leverage advances in mobile computing and machine learning resulting in intelligent Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAI) to promote longterm behavior modifications in individuals. These could range from using personalized recommendation systems to promote better diet choices, and exercise monitoring using smart watches and smart phones. A wide range of other applications are possible, and my research focuses on a JITAI intervention for type II diabetes. I am also bringing Joshua D’Arcy’s vision to life by contributing to the MoveIt project.

Outside the lab, I sing with Duke Amandla Chorus. I also love reading, and writing, though I do not get to do much of this because of school demands. On weekends, you will find me enjoying the arts around Duke campus.

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B.A. Computer Science (Smith College)
M.S. Electrical Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis)
M.S. Computer Engineering (Washington University in St. Louis)