Baiying Lu


MS Student, Biomedical Engineering

I’m currently working in the Big Ideas Lab in BME department at Duke University, interested in building some techniques based on big data and machine learning, even deep learning, to solve some health problems such as disease diagnosis and guidance of the application of different therapies. I’m still training myself to think as a data analyst or a data scientist to reach the goal of being a professional researcher.

Outside of research, I enjoy cooking, movies and video games.

Contact Information

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Undergraduate: Shandong University, Jinan, China

                     MS: Duke University, Durham, NC

Research Interests

Current Project:

              Assessment of the acceptability of wearables and mobile device data sharing

              Data compression toolbox

              Past Projects:

              Diagnosis of depression based on EEG signal

              Guidance on the usage of breast cancer therapies based on selected genetic markers

              Pneumonia classification based on chest x-ray images