Aman Ibrahim


Moveit! Team Member

As a software engineer, my skill set is primarily in Full Stack Engineering (front end, back end, DevOps), and Cloud Infrastructure. I have gained much of my experience with time spent on personal projects like, or work experience. Joining the MoveIt development team, my personal goals was to gain exposure to applied machine learning by working alongside Joshua and Sabrina on the automated recommendation system being built for our user base, and I also have a general interest in tech in the healthcare space, which I have noticed, especially during my time at the tech healthcare startup Medsender, is a field in tech that is sometimes ignored and has a lot of great potential. Outside of software, my general interest revolves around tech and soccer. I am an avid fan of the sport and Manchester United, and in my free time, you will always find me reading about, watching, or playing soccer.

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BS in Computer Science